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Pack Your Bags & Explore Surigao: Your 3 Day Guide

Surigao is a happy place. It is home of the many beautiful destinations in the country – from its pristine beaches to lagoons, breath-taking waterfalls & islets. This part of the country is truly an amazing paradise to explore.

There are many must-see spots in this region and it will definitely take you a whole lot of time to cover everything. If you are a corporate slave like me (yes, proudly I am! *wink*) you know that it’s kind of difficult to plot your vacation leaves and be away for a long time and not able to explore all the places you want to visit. When I started travelling solo this year, I’ve come up with a plan of the destinations that I could categorically explore and only spend about 1 or 2 of my vacation leaves (save your VLs you’re gonna need that in the future!)

So I went on a 3-day trip to Surigao Del Sur recently and I got to experience the other side of Surigao. Travelling to Mindanao will surely change your perspective of this very misunderstood place. You’ll see the beautiful & happy side of it. While on this trip, I was able to visit 3 of the many beautiful gems in this area. I’ve written separate blogs for each of these places for a more thorough information, links are provided below. I’ve also included some other places you can visit if you plan to stay longer. Here’s your quick guide for next solo adventure, enjoy!

How To Get There

There are no direct flights to Surigao Del Sur however it is very accessible in many different ways. You may book for a direct flight going to Surigao City, Butuan or Davao and take a passenger bus/van going to Surigao Del Sur. Cheaper and quicker option is from Butuan as there are direct routes going to Bislig City or Hinatuan in Surigao Del Sur.

Depending on where you’re entry point is, passenger buses and vans are available almost anywhere in Mindanao. I provided screenshots of the travel time from each cities. Note that it doesn’t include stop overs so you may have to adjust and add 1-2 hrs. In my case, where I had spent a night in Davao, I had originally planned to take the earliest trip at 3AM however I ended up missing it and then took the next trip after at 6AM.

From Surigao City

From Butuan City

From Davao City

Where To Stay

You may stay in Bislig City or Hinatuan. I chose to stay in Bislig because it has more access to terminals, stores, atms, etc. Budget hostel/room ranges from Php 500-700 / night.

You  may search for room/accommodation here:

Explore Surigao Del Sur


DAY 1: Tinuy-an Falls

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DAY 2: Britania Islands

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 Day 3: Enchanted River

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Budget Guide

Day 1

  • Fare from Davao City to Bislig: Php 250
  • Tinuy-an Falls Tour: Php 600
  • Accommodation: Php 500
  • Food: Php 200
  • Total: Php 1,550

Day 2

  • Britania Tour **for the solo traveller. Including fare from Bislig: Php 1050
  • Accommodation: Php 500
  • Food: Php 100
  • Total: Php 1,650

Day 3

  • Enchanted River Tour: Php 585
  • Food: Php 200
  • Fare from Bislig to Butuan: Php 250
  • Total: 1,035

Total Trip Cost: Php 4,235.00

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